Building a Raspberry Pi IOT Garage Door Opener - Part 1 (Outline & Parts List)

Want to open your garage door using your cellphone?
This series will show you how to create a simple garage door opener using a Raspberry Pi.

This device came about out of necessity. I only had a single garage door remote and didn't want to risk closing the garage door with the remote still inside the vehicle. I also wanted something I could take with me if I move.

This should work with any garage door that uses a simple internal button to open/close the door.
If your garage has two wires that when connected together causes the garage to open/close, then this will work.

The internal switch connections on my garage door looked like the image above.

We will use a relay (controlled by the Raspberry Pi) to bridge these two connections and as a result trick the garage door into thinking the button has been pressed.


This device is not purely limited to being a garage door opener.
It could be used for anything eg. electronic gate opener

Let's get our head around this.

A Raspberry Pi with a WiFi dongle will sit next to the garage door opener.
We will use a relay connected to the Pi's GPIO pins to bridge the two connections on the garage door to simulate the door button being pressed.

The Pi itself will run a simple python web server ( and wait for a command to activate the relay.

This will allow us to trigger the garage door to open/close using a simple call to a URL.

Once the garage door can be opened via a simple URL call we can use a simple Android app to call this URL

Shared garage? No problem. Simply install the app on multiple phones.

Bits we are going to need

That's it for Part 1.
We now know what we are building and hopefully have a grasp on how it all works together.

Part 2 (Hardware Setup) is now live and can be viewed here.