Raspberry Pi 2 - Minecraft Server Image

Here is a quick image I have created for the Raspberry Pi2.
It's my minimal image with JRE and Spigot installed and setup to run on boot.
Therefore, giving you a Minecraft Server!

  • Spigot 1.8 (stock)
  • JRE 7
  • Automatically resizes SD card on first boot
  • Automatically generates SSH keys on first boot
  • Automatically starts Minecraft Server on boot
  • Fits on 2GB+ SD Card
 Handy Commands
stop  (when in Server terminal) - stops the Minecraft Server
startServer  (when in Linux terminal) - starts the Minecraft Server
htop (show CPU usage etc)

root / raspberry
pi / raspberry

When you stop the server, you will go to normal terminal login prompt.
Once logged in, it will then bring you into the Minecraft Server folder so you can change server files etc.

I recommend to use raspi-config to overclock for better performance.
I have not made any modifications to server settings etc. This is up-to you.
If you plan on using locally, you can change online-mode to false in server.properties file.

Download size: 360MB (.zip)
Image size: 1.1 GB

Download here: