Building a Raspberry Pi IOT Garage Door Opener - Part 5 (Android App)


Download the Android App HERE
or download the source here


First you will need to go into your Android Settings -> Security and enable 'Unknown Sources' .

Now go ahead and install the app (.apk).
Either email the .apk to your phone or transfer it using a USB cable.
Once you have the file on your phone, you can just click it in the File Manager to install
Click Install.

Once installed, start the app.
Once you are in the app click the small cog at the top.

In the text box, enter the URL to your garage door API open command.
The default is

Once you have set your correct URL, click OK to save it.
Now you can simply press the button to Open / Close your garage.

The app will show you the response it get's from the API.
If everything goes good, you should see 'OK' and the garage should open  / close.

And that's it!

This app could be installed on as many phones as you like!

P.S: I am no Android developer so please excuse the basic look and source code.

I hope you enjoyed these posts on making your very own IOT Garage Door Opener.