[Alpha] ElectricKiwi.co.nz Android App

Alpha Release

It currently just does the basics (view and set your power hour).

You can download it HERE

To install you will need to first "Allow Unknown Locations" in Android settings.


Sign-up to ElectricKiwi using my REFERRAL LINK and we both get a $50 credit (win/win).


The email & password is stored in plain text in Android Private storage.
This is due to there being no API for their website and therefore no way to send just the password hash.

This storage can't be accessed unless the phone is rooted.
Therefore, it is pretty safe.

However, I do recommend setting your Electric Kiwi password to something different than your other logins.

This way if someone did get a hold of your phone, rooted it and pulled the password - all they could do is login to your Electric Kiwi account and change your power hour.

The Plan

My next project will be writing a simple Android App to allow updating the ElectricKiwi Hour of Power easily from your Android smartphone.

It will simply store your login credentials.
I will use some basic Java encryption so the app stores the encrypted password (not plain text).
It then will unencrypt and send to ElectricKiwi via HTTPS when logging in.
(I have since found this is pointless as the decryption key can still easily be pulled from the app.
Therefore, storing email / password in plain text in private storage is as good as it gets)

They do not provide an API so it will be done the "old fashion way".
It will scrape your currently set hour and allow changing to a new hour.
It eventually will also have option to send a reminder notification when your hour is about to begin.

Future versions may include scheduling different hours for different days.
eg. 2pm in weekends, 9pm during the week.

I have no experience with the Playstore app submission process, so will be a good learning experience.