Raspberry Pi Minimal Jessie Image | Updated 11/04/16

Here are my minimal images that I have created for the Raspberry Pi.
They should run on all versions of the Raspberry Pi including Pi Zero & Pi 3.

They are a stripped down Raspbian with the bare essentials (no GUI etc).
  • Version 0.5
  • Latest Jessie kernel and user space (as of 11/04/16)
  • Resizes partition on first boot
  • Creates 100MB swap on first boot
  • SSH keys generated on first boot.
  • Uses openssh server
  • Fits on 1GB or larger SD Cards 
  • Works on all Raspberry Pi's (including Zero and new 3)
  • Includes WiFi and Bluetooth Drivers (for Pi3)

Use raspi-config to enable camera, change locale etc as normal.

root / raspberry
pi / raspberry

It is setup for US Standard Keyboard (used in NZ), New Zealand timezone and locale
(can be changed in raspi-config)

Very nice image to use as the base for any headless system (NAS, web-server etc)

Download Size: 180MB (.zip)
Image ISO Size: 554MB

Download Link: