[Release] ElectricKiwi.co.nz Android App

Alpha Release

You can download the APK HERE

Current Features

  • Easily view and set your Power Hour
  • Reminder notification 10 minutes before hour begins
  • Schedule different hours for each day of the week (set at 12:15 am each morning)

Planned Features

  • Configure (X mins before) / disable reminder notifications
To install you will need to "Allow Unknown Locations" in Android settings.


Sign-up to ElectricKiwi using my REFERRAL LINK and we both get a $50 credit (win/win).

Security Note

The email & password is stored in plain text in Android Private Storage.
This is due to there being no API for their website and therefore no way to send just a hash of the password.

This storage can't be accessed unless the phone is rooted.
Therefore, it is pretty safe.

However, I do recommend setting your Electric Kiwi password to something different than your other logins.

This way if someone did get a hold of your phone, rooted it and pulled the password - all they could do is login to your Electric Kiwi account and change your power hour.


07/06/2016 (0.4)
- Allow scheduling hours for each day
- Hour is set at 12:15 am each morning for that day.
- This allows manually changing the hour after this time without it being changed back.
  (Remember you can change your hour even after it up-to midnight each day)
- Long press on a day to remove that scheduled hour

01/06/2016 (0.3)
- Change notification time to 10 minutes before hour (shower time)
- Always calculate notification time on Pacific/Auckland timezone
  So if timezone changes the notification will still be at the correct hour in NZ time.

31/05/2017 (0.2)
- Add notification 5 minutes before Power Hour begins
- Add new app icon

12/04/2017 (0.1)
- Initial Release