25% Off Discount Code

Here is a 25% off code to use at


With the above code I paid $14.99 USD (approx $21 kiwi) for a months access.

To sign up and to watch streams you will need to be in the supported Asian countries.

With a bit of DNS magic you can appear in these supported countries.

I recommend dns4me as I have tested it working with RugbyPass.
Note: I had to enable RugbyPass and set the server to Singapore in the User Console -> Services page.


I suggest signing up and paying via PayPal.
This allows easily canceling your subscription via this PayPal page.
Otherwise you need to contact them via email or live chat.
Update: They now have a checkbox when paying via PayPal to not make it a re-occurring payment.

If using an Android device, there is an awesome app called Pepe DNS Changer.
This allows you to easily switch to saved DNS settings with the press of a button.
eg. Switch DNS -> Open RugbyPass App -> Watch!


Now What?