Add the new HD Māori TV MUX into TvHeadend

Here is a quick how-to for adding the new Māori TV MUX into an existing TvHeadend server.
This will give you Māori TV and Te Reo channels in 1080P.

These channels might not yet be live where you are.
I have tested them working here in Christchurch.

It assumes you have the other MUX's scanned in and have existing Māori TV and Te Reo mapped to channels.

Step 1

First you need to find the new MUX frequency. You can find this by visiting THIS LINK.

Find your transmitters location in the left column, then move across to the cell containing "MTS".
Follow this column to the top to find the frequency.
+4 to the left frequency and this will be the frequency you use in TvHeadend (it should be 610 or 618).

Step 2

Navigate to the TvHeadend -> Configuration -> DVB Inputs -> Muxes page.
Click Add.
Select your existing DVB Network (eg. Freeview).

Set the frequency to the frequency from above, followed by 000000 (6x zeros).
Set the bandwidth to 8MHz.

Select Create.

Wait for the new MUX to scan in and you should get a result of OK with 4 services.

Step 3

Navigate to the Services tab.
You should find the 4x new services listed.
Here in Christchurch, I had 2x services with "Test Service X" and 2x services without names.

Click the Play icon to play the service so you can find what channel it is.

Once you know what channel the service is, click "Edit".
Set the Channel to the correct channel from the drop-drown.
Set Priority to 1.
Click Save.
Do this for both channels.

Step 4

Now navigate to the Channel / EPG -> Channels tab.
Here you can now change the channels tags to HDTV (optional).

You will notice the channels each have 2x services listed.
As we set the priority to 1x on the new services, TvHeadend will first try to use them.
If they for some reason fail, it will fallback to the old services.

So, say you only had 1x tuner.
Someone is watching Prime and you try to watch Te Reo.
The tuner would already be tuned to 594MHz and unable to tune to 610MHz.
Therefore, TvHeadend will fallback and use the 594MHz for Te Reo.

Priority is very handy.
You will see I have IPTV streams as fallback for some of the other channels.
You can have as many services mapped to a single channel as you like.