[Release] RugbyPass KODI Add-on (for RugbyPass.com)


  • Easily watch Live & Played Games
  • List Upcoming Games
  • All times shown in local time
  • Schedule live stream started alerts
  • Configurable video quality (default is max = 720p)
  • Watch Full or Condensed Games (when available)
  • Works on all devices running Kodi 17+
  • Show scores / Hide scores / Show scores after X hours
  • Must be located in a RugbyPass allowed region
  • Requires RugbyPass.com subscription to watch games

How-to Install

First follow THIS post to install my KODI Add-on Repository.

Now navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"
Select "MattHuisman.nz Repository".
Select "Video add-ons" then "RugbyPass"

Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.

You can now access the add-on under the Add-ons section.
Click into the add-on and you can now navigate to various games (Live, Played etc)

Then simply click a game to play it!

You can view the condensed game (once available) via the context menu.
And also view the score (in case you have scores hidden via the settings).


Clear Data
This will remove all cached data & your login token etc

Video Quality
The quality of the streams. Higher is better. The max (and default) is 4500 = 720p.
Lower this if you are on a slower connection / experience buffering issues.

Alert Type
If you set an alert for a game, this setting controls what sort of alert will appear when the game starts.
You can either have a dialog (pop-up box that requires closing), or a simple notification (shown for 5 seconds).
A dialog is great if you don't want to miss the alert.

Show Scores
If enabled, you will be shown the scores in the games description when navigating the Played games.
If you often watch games after they have played, you may want the scores hidden (default).
Remember that uou can always view a games score via the context menu on the game itself.

after ? hours
If you have show scores enabled you can set how many hours after the game starts that the scores are then shown.
Eg. if set to 12 hours, any games that started less than 12 hours ago will have their scores hidden in the Played games menu.
If set to 0, then the scores are always shown.


The first time you try to play a game, you will need to login with your RugbyPass credentials.
The add-on does not save your password.  
It sends it directly to their servers and then uses a returned token to authenticate from then on.


Now What?

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