Rugby Streaming is a subscription based rugby union & league streaming website.
It streams live games and also has a substantial catalog of past games available to watch.

Unfortunately, their service is geo-locked to a range of countries (mostly Asia),
   - so normally would not work in New Zealand or Australia.

How-to Sign-up

To do the initial sign-up step you can simply use a free VPN.
This allows you to appear in one of the supported countries.
Hola is a good choice for a free VPN.


After a few seconds a "Start" button should appear.
Click on this and follow the instructions to install it.

Once installed, follow the below link:

That will tell Hola to take you to the RugbyPass website using a Singapore VPN server.
If that link doesn't work - just go into the Hola settings and select the server yourself.

Once on the RugbyPass website, select "Sign-up" to create your subscription.


25% off using code reddit
Sorry - no longer valid. 
Please let me know if you find any other codes and I will add these in.


I recommend paying with Paypal as this let's you cancel your subscription anytime by removing the Pre-approved Payment.

To stop the subscription, login to your Paypal and navigate to the below link:

Click on "RugbyPass Limited" and then click "Cancel" next to status.
This will remove their ability to automatically renew your subscription.

While here, check your other pre-approved payments
      - you may be surprised who has permission to charge you $$$.

Watching Games

If you want to use their RugbyPass App or Website to watch games, I would recommend paying for a decent VPN or Smart DNS service as Hola may be too slow to stream video (try it first though).

For a VPN I recommend Private Internet Access (aff link).
For a Smart DNS I recommend DNS 4 Me.

Alternatively, you can use my below KODI add-on that doesn't require either.

KODI Add-on

My KODI add-on doesn't require a VPN or Smart DNS as it uses a free proxy server I provide.

It only proxies the small API requests and the video stream is not proxied at all.
This means you get the best speeds possible while streaming.

To use my add-on, first install KODI and then follow the below link to install the add-on.

Add-on Installation Instructions