Ad-free Guarantee

"Ads are so 2017"

Ads have been disabled in my admin interface for over a year now.

However, today while viewing my site on my phone (rarely happens) - an advert reared it's ugly... discount.
This does explain why my ad-sense had kept ticking over even after disabling my YouTube ads.

I immediately flew back to my lair where I proceeded to remove any ad-sense logic from the templates.
The plus side (apart from no ads) is that page load times should be improved.
If you see any ads over the next few days - I'm going to blame it on some cache somewhere.
If you see any beyond that - please let me know. I will... find it and I will... kill it.

Instead of ad's I have added some quick-loading non-intrusive VPN affiliate links and PayPal donate button.

I now declare this site ad-free!

Oh, my YouTube Channel should also be ad-free.