Add-ons Update

Over the last few weeks I've been re-writing my add-ons common module / library code.

All my add-ons were using this module as a dependency.
This meant that if I updated the common module, I'd need to update all add-ons and easily risk breaking some of them in the process.

Yesterday I had a thought that I would instead ship the common code inside the add-on itself.
I do this using a git sub-module to track which commit of the common code works with this add-on.

This allows for a few benefits
  • I can release new add-ons (eg. Udemy) using new version of common code without having to update old addons
  • Add-ons now don't have any dependencies (except libraries provided by kodi).
    This allows the add-ons to be installed without my repo needing to be installed.
  • I don't break add-ons when updating the common code
The major update switching all the add-ons to include the common code was pushed last night.

Ideally, KODI would have a dependency system that would allow me to specify an exact version of the common module to use for that add-on, but it only allows to specify a minimum version. I assume this is due to it only allowing 1 version of an add-on to be installed at a time.

So, I am now free to start releasing new add-ons without worrying about breaking the older ones.
Next will be a basic New Zealand Sky Go add-on (up now) for sports only and then ShowMax South Africa (up now).

Still on the lookout for logins for other services.
If you think you can help, see my post HERE.