Electric Kiwi Refer a Friend / Coupon ($50 off)

Sign-up to ElectricKiwi using the below link and we both get $50 off our power bills (win/win)


Once your all signed up, try out my Android App HERE.
It makes it much faster to set / schedule your HOP (Hour of Power). 

If you don't see a $50 credit on your first bill, email me: [email protected]
I will advise how you can get them to fix it - even if you didn't use my link.
(It's usually caused by an outdated link or browser cookies being cleared)


  1. Stay Ahead 200 is the best plan by far
    It has the cheapest rates and you get $20 free when topping up $200 (that's 10% bonus!)
    It also has no credit card fees (1.5%) like the other plans.

    That means you're 11.5% better off compared to other plans + the cheaper rates on top of that.

    You can find out more about the plans here: https://www.electrickiwi.co.nz/plans/
    You can switch plans anytime by using their Live Chat.

  2. Standard or Low User plan?
    Use the below formula to work out what is the cheapest for you

    (Standard Daily - Low User Daily)
    (Low User kWh - Standard kWh)

    eg. (0.97 - 0.37) / (0.2563 - 0.2320) = 24.69 kWh
    Therefore, in my area it is best being on standard plan if my average usage is over 24.69 kWh a day.
    If my daily usage is below 24.69 kWh, I should be on the Low User plan

  3. You can check your rates here: https://electrickiwi.co.nz/prices/
    If your already a customer, it won't work - so just put in your neighbours address.

  4. Make good use of the free hour of power.
    You can see some good tips for that here