Argh! Kodi Add-ons have stopped playing content


Widevine have just removed support for a bunch of CDM versions.
That includes which has been widely used with Kodi's Inputstream Adaptive.
The new supported version is 4.10.1440.18


Luckily there is a simple fix (if your using any of add-ons).

Go into the Add-on Settings > Playback
and click "Install Widevine DRM".
Select Yes if it asks you to override existing version.
This will download and install the latest working version.

Then reboot.

You only need to do this once, and all content / add-ons will be fixed.


I am currently working on updating my Widevine code to automatically check for new versions every 24 hours.
The check is very fast and will be silent unless a new version is detected.
This will remove this problem going forward.