Supporter Perks

I have recently introduced some perks for supporters of my work.

The current perks are

  1. No more "donate" dialogs in Kodi
  2. Faster addon updates (aprox 30mins) instead of Kodis default 24 hours
  3. Settings to disable other news updates
  4. Quality Force / Select
  5. Smart URLS
  6. More to come??
Supporters are

  • anyone who has donated $5 or more over the last rolling 366 days.
    Go to and enter your email address.
    You'll then receive your "Donor ID" vie email.


  • have supported me in other ways (logins, etc)
    Email me on [email protected] reminding me of what you have provided and I'll manually add you and get you a donor ID
If you want to become a supporter, see the links below under "Support".
"Buy me a coffee" is preferred as you'll get emailed your donor ID straight away.
If using patreon, you'll need to wait 60mins and then use the form at

Once you have your ID, go to:
Kodi add-ons -> My add-ons > Program Add-ons -> Slyguy Common -> Configure
Move to "Donations" and enter the ID where it says "Donor ID".
Restart Kodi.
If the ID was OK, you should find the settings under it are now enabled as well as the other perks being unlocked.