IPTV Merge Kodi Add-on


  • Merge Multiple Playlists and EPGs into single files
  • Supports Remote, Local & Supported Add-on Sources
  • Supports IPTV Manager Compatible Add-ons
  • Supports GZIP and XZ (Kodi 19+) Archived Files
  • Automatically restart IPTV Simple Client after merge
  • Manually run merge or Automatically run merge at interval and at boot
  • Can be used with IPTV Simple Client for multiple Playlists / EPGs



First follow THIS post to install my Kodi Add-on Repository.

Now navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"
Select "MattHuisman.nz Repository".
Select "Program add-ons" then "IPTV Merge"
Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.
You can now find it under the add-ons section
The first step is to setup IPTV Simple Client to use this add-ons generated files.
Open the add-on, and navigate to Settings
Now click "Setup IPTV Simple Client"
 You will need to then click Yes to confirm the install
Once the setup is complete, you can now start adding your Playlist & EPG sources.
Once done, you can force a merge to test

Add-on Sources

The IPTV Merge add-on can use supported add-ons that generate their own playlist & EPG data.

Simply install the supported add-on and make sure it is enabled.
Then you can select it as an add-on source.
IPTV Merge will now call that add-on, retrieve the playlist or EPG data and then merge it with any other sources.


  • Output Directory
    The directory where the add-on will put the merged files
    The output files will be called playlist.m3u8 and epg.xml
    Default: Empty = IPTV Merge add-on data directory
  • Auto Merge Sources
    If enabled, the add-on will automatically run a merge at intervals
    Default: Enabled
  • Mins between running merge
    Set this to how many minutes between automatic merges
    Default: 1440 minutes (24 hours)
  • Reload IPTV Simple Client after merge
    If enabled the add-on will force IPTV Simple Client to reload after a merge is complete
    Default: Enabled
  • Max mins to wait before reload during playback
    Reloading IPTV Simple Client will stop any current playback of TV or Radio
    This settings tells the plugin to wait a maximum time during playback before reloading
    Default: 120 minutes (2 hours)
  • Setup IPTV Simple Client
    Run this to automatically setup IPTV Simple Client to use the merged output files

Using with IPTV Simple Client

The below is not needed if you have run the "Setup IPTV Simple Client" above.

Simply point IPTV Simple Clients Playlist & EPG to the generated merged files.
Below is an example if the IPTV Merge Output Directory is set to "D:\"