Help me build/maintain add-ons

Required Logins

  • Curiosity Stream
  • Sky Sport Now
  • Apple TV
  • Paramount+ (USA)
  • Others?
Please only share if you already use these services and would like a Kodi addon for them or use an existing add-on that you want to see maintained and improved.

No trial logins please. These expire and then I have no way to test / fix further issues.
I like my add-ons to be reliable.
If I can't maintain them - I would rather remove them or not build them in the first place.

I would suggest you change your password to something unique just for login before sharing the credentials with me.
This gives us both peace of mind that all I can access is that service.

If you can help, flick me an email:

All users helping get a Donor ID that gives you some perks and a more stable add-on of course


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