[Release] MattHuisman.nz KODI Add-on Repository

Here is how to easily install the MattHuisman.nz KODI Add-on Repository.

How-to Install

From the KODI Main Menu, navigate to Settings (cog at top).

Make sure "System Settings -> Add-ons -> Unknown Sources" is Enabled.
Select "Yes" at the warning when enabling

Navigate back to "Settings -> File manager"
Select "Add source".
Select "<None>" and type in exactly http://kodi.matthuisman.nz
Select "OK".
Move down and enter MH as the source name.
Move down and select "OK".

Go back to Main Menu.
Move to Add-ons.
Move right and select "My add-ons"

Select ".."
Select "Install from zip file"
Select the "MH" source.
Select the "repository.matthuisman.zip" file.

The repository will download and install.

You can now install add-ons from the MattHuisman.nz repository.



- Disable "Settings -> System Settings -> Add-ons -> Unknown Sources"
- Remove the "MH" source from File manager.


  1. Hey. love your work. the world needs more people like you. what build are you running? this looks different to my kodi?

    1. This is the Kodi 17 default skin. I'm using LibreELEC 8 on Raspberry Pi 3

  2. Great job, I have the kodi with recalbox as you taught it to install, I wonder if it would be possible to install the Retropie together? Thank you very much and keep it that way.

    1. Thanks for the idea. I will look into a RetroPie dual boot system some time this week :)

    2. Here guy created some kind of script for multibootpi but can be outdated http://www.multibootpi.com/addons/OSMC/script.retropie.zip

      Maybe this will help. I hope so because I also prefer to have RetroPie instead.

    3. DO you have a link to the RetroPie Noobs OS image?

    4. RetroPie dual-boot is RELEASED!!

      See my new post:

  3. Sorry, I'm using google translate.
    Hello I consider your dual boot the best currently but I saw that you removed the image with the two system ready and put the noobs
    Any reason for this? Can I share the old image?

    1. A few reasons
      1) It saves space not having the systems already on the SD
      2) Having an addon that modifies the stock systems allows for re-modding in case of updates
      3) It's easier to maintain

      I don't have access to the old images anymore sorry

  4. thanks a lot... works super... without any problems

  5. Hey bro, love the work. I keep getting log error every time I try to play on demand video. Running latest kodi v17 with inputstream.adaptive enabled for drm content

    1. Which add-on? Are you on Windows or Raspberry Pi?

    2. I'm using Windows 10 with latest KODI 17.1 and works fine.
      Maybe delete the
      C:\Users\[User Name]\AppData\Roaming\Kodi\cdm folder and try again. You should see the add-on download the CDM when before it plays.

      Could you also enable debug logging, get it to fail - then pastebin the log and link it to me :)

  6. Hey Matt,
    first of all thanks alot for all your efforts. Appreciate your work. Actually, I´ve just installed the NOOBS companion, but I´m not able to start it. I´m on RP3, Libreelec 8.01. I´m always receiving a "NOOBS companion error. Please check the log for more information." I´ve rebooted my Kodi, but it doesn`t change a thing. Where can I find this log-file? Anyway, thanks alot for your work so far.


    1. Hi Chrisitan,

      I have tried in LibreELEC 8.0.1 on a Pi3 and it works fine for me.

      Silly question - you are using NOOBS?
      You didn't just download LibreELEC and install that?

    2. i have exactly the same issue everytime i open the noobs companion i got that error.

    3. Can you please pastebin your kodi log?
      Also what KODI are you using? (OSMC or LibreELEC)
      And what version Raspberry Pi?
      What installed OS's do you have in NOOBS?

  7. i was able to fix it, just have to run like a repair process in the noobs companion app, thanks a lot for your quick response! and also thanks a lot for all your hard work! you did some awesome here! :D


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