I'm back (after a 2 month retirement)

I just can't stop myself

Life is a lot less exciting without a hobby, even if you can't do it as much as you would like.

I found myself contributing a lot to the add-ons over our lock-down period here in NZ.
(The Disney+ add-on is nearly all my code.)

Jeremy Sly (SlyGuy) will remain hosting the source code and the Kodi repository.
Therefore, no changes needed to be done by you.

I'll do the bulk of development and he will take care of hosting / managing the repository etc.
He will also contribute to the code / help squashing bugs where he can.

Hopefully, this will free up my limited time to add features & create new add-ons (the fun stuff).

Going forward, I will be the point of contact again & he will be closing down his socials over the next few days.

Conclusion - we are teaming up... SlyGuys?
Two is better than one!