Google Drive - How to make a copy (not a shortcut)


Today I had someone share a Google Drive file with me.
I went to add it to my Google Drive and found the only option is "Add a shortcut to Drive"
The problem with shortcuts is that the link always points to the original file - it's not a "true copy".
This can cause problems with things like Quota limits for files.
I'm also not sure what happens if the original user removes the file.

 As you can see below, if you "Make a copy" of the shortcut - you simply get another shortcut.


Simply open the file as normal (no need to add shortcut).
Now navigate to "Shared with me" in your Google Drive.

The file you just opened should now be at the top of the list.
Right click on it and then select Make a copy (as per below)
Success - this creates a real copy in your drive - with it's own file id and quota limits