Bad News & Good News

The Bad News

I'm essentially "retiring" from Kodi add-on development.
My day job has become busier and I also have a newborn at home that takes up most of my spare time.

I have since "unretired"
Updates / New add-ons are still going to be in the SlyGuy Repo
See the below Good News for link to install that.

Therefore, no further add-on updates will be pushed to my Matt Huisman Kodi Repo.

The Good News

Jeremy (aka SlyGuy) who took over development of two of my South African add-ons has stepped up and agreed to take over developing and maintaining all of my add-ons.

His repo is now live and you can find instructions on how to install it at link below:

He has pushed updates to all of the add-ons so they should auto update once you install his repo.
Once they have all updated, the Matt Huisman Repo and common module can be uninstalled.

The Future

I will still be using my social media and this blog to post updates about my other work and will also post updates about any new add-ons Jeremy pushes as he doesn't currently "do" social media.