Simple Freeview AU IPTV Kodi Setup (with full guide & radio)

Available Regions

Click on a region to get a list of current available channels & radio stations.

Simple replace {REGION} in below URLs with one of the region names from above.
Note: Copy the region as exactly above (capital first letter) in the URLs below.


From the KODI Main Menu, navigate to Add-ons -> My Addons -> PVR Clients.
Scroll down to PVR IPTV Simple Client and select it.
If you do not have the "PVR Clients" menu or the "PVR IPTV Simple Client" listed:
Navigate to Add-ons -> Add-on Browser -> Install from Repository -> All Repositories -> PVR Clients -> PVR IPTV Simple Client. 

Then click Install. Then continue with the below steps.

Now select "Configure".
Under "General", set the "M3U Playlist URL" to:{REGION}/kodi.m3u8
Move to "EPG Settings" and set "XMLTV URL" to:{REGION}/epg.xml
Move to "Channel Logos" and set "Channel Logos from XMLTV" to: Prefer XMLTV
Then select "OK".

Now simply Enable the add-on.
(If the add-on is already enabled, disable it, and then re-enable it)
You should see the channels scanning in and now have a "TV" and "Radio" main menu items.


To change the order, navigate to Settings -> PVR & Live TV -> General
First disable "Use channel order from backend(s)".
Now select Channel manager.

To move a channel, navigate to it, open the context menu and select move.
Now move the channel to where you would like it.
You can also hide channels you don't use.
Navigate to the channel you don't need, and disable "Active" & "Activate guide".
Once all done, click "OK" to save the changes.