KODI Widevine Support

More and more online content providers are now using Widevine DRM for streaming their content.

KODI 18 has implemented support for playback of Widevine DRM content via the inputstream.adaptive add-on.
Note: KODI 17 does not support Widevine playback.

My add-ons that require Widevine will automatically attempt to install the required dependencies the first time content is played.
If you have issues with playback please refer to the below list of platforms for which KODI versions I have found to work.


Windows 32/64 Bit YES
- Tested: Windows 10 64-bit & 32-bit
- Only the .exe version will work (not Windows store UWP version)

Linux ARM7 / ARM8 (Raspberry Pi 2 / 3, Odroid C2) YES
- Tested: Raspberry Pi 3 (LibreELEC 9.0)
- Tested: Odroid C2 (CoreELEC)
- User Tested: MXQ Box (LibreELEC)

Linux x86_64 / i386 / i686 YES
- Tested: LibreELEC 9.0
- Tested: Mint / Ubuntu x86_64
- Tested: Lubuntu i686 & x86_64

Darwin x86_64 YES
- User Tested: Mac Mini 2012 (MacOS Sierra 10.11.6)

Android ARM7 / ARM8 YES
- Tested: Nvidia Shield
- Tested: Xiaomi Mi5

Linux ARM6 (Raspberry Pi 1) NO
- Widevine does not support ARM6

- These platforms do not currently support Inputstream Adaptive