Goodbye Disqus, Hello Reddit

Tonight marks the end of using the Disqus comment system on this site.
It has been great over the last few years, but it is now time for something new.

Going forward, all comments / complaints / tips / discussion will happen over on Reddit.

I've created a subreddit for this site: r/MattHuisman Go join it!

You'll find a reddit icon (see below) on each of my posts which will take you to a dedicated reddit comment page for that post.

Unfortunately all previous comments couldn't be migrated from Disqus to Reddit.
I have them archived and may look at hosting them somewhere to allow searching etc.

Reddit has some pretty neat features and will make it a lot easier to browse comments and to communicate with other users.
It also removes the Disqus placed adverts from my site and helps improve page load times.