How to force Kodi to update add-ons

Your favourite add-on developer has just pushed an update and Kodi isn't getting the update - do the below to get it (quicker).


First navigate to the add-on repository page.
You can get to this via Add-ons > My add-ons > Add-on repository
Once on this page, move to the repository that contains the add-on you want updated.
If your not sure what repository that is, just do the below on all of the repositories.

With the repository highlighted, open the context menu.
(Long press select or C button on keyboard)

Then select "Check for updates"
That's it.
Kodi will now know about all the latest updates from that repository.

If you have Kodi set to automatically install add-on updates, then the latest version should also automatically download and install.
If your on manual updates, you will be able to navigate to the add-ons update dialog and the new version will be available.


Add-on repositories contain a file that lists all the versions of it's add-ons.
Here is SlyGuys for example.

This is what Kodi uses to detect new versions of add-ons.
Kodi only pulls this file every so often and that is why updates don't come through straight away.

Doing the above "Check for updates" forces Kodi to download this file and therefore detect the new versions.