OpenVPN is out. Wireguard is in.

If you haven't heard of Wireguard yet, you need to check it out.
It's even getting included into the Linux kernel itself.

In the above image, I'm transferring a file via Samba from my work Windows PC to my home NAS over the internet.
As you can see, it's maxing out my upload speed and still only using 18.4% of my old i5-2400 CPU.

You don't get close to this with OpenVPN or others.
Even on slower devices (Raspberry Pi etc), you can still max out your internet speeds.

If your going to be working from home, try get your IT guys to use Wireguard.
In return, if you have good internet at both ends - you will barely notice any difference to being on the actual network.

I've been using it personally for over a year now and find it stable, fast and resource friendly.
No downsides!



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