Frndly TV for Channels


A simple Docker image to generate a Frndly TV M3U playlist for use in Channels and expose them over HTTP.
It also works with other IPTV players.



Simply run the below Docker commands using your Frndly TV credentials

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "USERNAME=MY_EMAIL" --env "PASSWORD=MY_PASSWORD" --name frndlytv-for-channels -p 8183:80 matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels

Replace MY_EMAIL and MY_PASSWORD with your Frndly TV login details.

By default, the image will use your IP location to fetch streams for your location.
If you want streams for a different location or your location is not supported,
simply pass an IP environment variable to the container with the IP address you want to use.

docker run -d --restart unless-stopped --env "IP=" --env "USERNAME=MY_EMAIL" --env "PASSWORD=MY_PASSWORD" --name frndlytv-for-channels -p 8183:80 matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels

The above using will get streams for Manhattan, New York.

Add to Channels

You can retrieve the Channels configuration via the status page below.
(if accessing from different device, replace with the IP of the device)

Customise Playlist

There are a few query parameters you can add to the end of the M3U playlist url

a channel number you want to start numbering channels from
eg. /playlist.m3u8?start_chno=50

comma separated list of channel-id you ONLY want in the playlist.
eg. /playlist.m3u8?include=frndly-1,frndly-2,frndly-3

comma separate list of channel-id you DONT want in the playlist.
eg. /playlist.m3u8?exclude=frndly-10,frndly-11

And of course you can combine query params
eg. /playlist.m3u8?start_chno=50&include=frndly-1,frndly-2&exclude=frndly-10


To update the Docker image to the latest, run the below commands

docker pull matthuisman/frndlytv-for-channels
docker stop frndlytv-for-channels
docker rm frndlytv-for-channels
docker run ......

Replace the last docker run command with the command you used from the Setup section above.

No Docker

This app can also run without Docker using just Python3.

git clone
cd frndlytv-for-channels
pip install --no-cache-dir -r requirements.txt

The cmdline arguments are the same as the Docker env arguments.