Kodi 19 Matrix Released!

Kodi 19 Matrix has recently just been released - Kodi release post.


  1. All my add-ons support Kodi 19 (and Kodi 18 and Kodi 17)
  2. Python3 is quicker than Python2 = real world speed increases in add-ons
  3. 19 in general seems quicker to me while navigating
  4. Binary add-ons (eg. Inputstream Adaptive / IPTV Simple Client) are now only updating Kodi 19 versions.
    Many of my add-ons rely on these so good to have them as upto date as possible.
  5. Some new / updated add-ons may be Python3 only - so won't work in 18
    Note: My add-ons will continue to support 18 where possible
  6. More secure due to Python3 and add-on system improvements
  7. Cool Matrix style boot-up logo
  8. 19 is a bigger number than 18


  • Some add-ons will not yet support Python3 and therefore won't work in Kodi 19.
    I suggest you check with the authors before updating if you can't live without those add-ons.
  • Some skins may not yet support Matrix. Again  - check with skin author before updating.


I recommend updating as long as most of your favourite add-ons and skins are going to work.
If your favourite skins / add-ons don't support Kodi 19 - then let the developers know.
Oh, and always make a backup first if possible so you can revert.

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