New Zealand Android App APKs (for sideloading)

Below are the common Android TV and Mobile streaming APKs for New Zealand.

If you get an error while updating from a previous version
   - uninstall the previous version and then install the new downloaded version.

If you notice an out of date app - contact me and I can get it updated
I check for updates every 2-4 weeks usually.

Android TV

Most of these are pulled from a Nvidia Shield or Sony TV or phone as split apks and then joined together and re-signed
Freeview Streaming TV - Unlocked (1.9.37 - 08/05/24)
No Device Check
TVNZ OnDemand (5.9.2 - 08/05/24)
ThreeNow TV (2.2.0 - 12/02/24)
Neon NZ (3.0.10 - 02/03/24)
Sky Sport Now (7.7.0 - 08/05/24)
MÄ€ORI+ (0.9.19 - 28/01/24)

Android Mobile

ThreeNow (4.0.2 - 12/02/24)
TVNZ OnDemand - Unlocked (5.5.2 - 12/02/24)
No Root or Timezone Checks