InputStream Helper (SlyGuy Wrapper) Add-on


This addon replaces Kodi's official Inputstream Helper add-on to use the SlyGuy Inputstream Helper instead. Therefore, any addons calling Inputstream Helper will actually use SlyGuy Inputstream Helper.

It is only useful if your using non-slyguy addons that use Inputstream Helper.


  • Drop-in replacement for Inputstream Helper as uses the same addon id
  • SlyGuy CDM's are monitored for health. Any incompatible CDM are removed.
  • Faster ARM installs as only downloading the CDM (not the chrome os image).
  • Ensures all add-ons are using the same CDM and not "fighting with each other"



First follow THIS post to install the SlyGuy Add-on Repository.

As this add-on uses the same id as the official add-on, it lives inside its own repository.
This allows users to pick and choose which forks to have installed / updated.

Navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"

Select "SlyGuy Repository".
Select "Program add-ons" then "SlyGuy Common"
Select "Install" and the addon will download and install.

Select ".." and then select "Add-on repository"
Select "SlyGuy Inputstream Helper Wrapper Repository"
Select "Install" and the repository with download and install.
Due to a quirk in Kodi - you may not get a tick next to the name after installed

Use the ".." to navigate back to "Install from repository"
This time select the newly installed "SlyGuy Inputstream Helper Wrapper Repository"
Select "Program add-ons" then "Inputstream Helper (SlyGuy Wrapper)"
Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.
You can now access the add-on in the Add-ons main menu item under "Programs"
The addon has a few settings
Skip Inputstream Check
    - This will bypass the check and just return True to the add-on (not recommended)

(Re)install Widevine CDM
    - This just runs the wrapper and allows you to change Widevine DRM version etc


If you want to swap back to the Kodi repo version, simply navigate to
Add-ons -> Programs -> Inputstream Helper (SlyGuy Wrapper)
Select "Versions"
Select the "Kodi Add-on repository" version
Then navigate to Add-ons -> Repositories -> SlyGuy Inputstream Helper Wrapper Repository
Select Uninstall and then Yes.
If the repository is not uninstalled - the Kodi version may be replaced again when this one gets its next update.



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