[Release] Freeview NZ XMLTV EPG Listings for TVHeadend and MythTV

Generated from my own script based on mhegepgsnoop with below changes:
  • Channel number, name, id & image scraped from Freeview website 
  • Scraped channel name matched to MHEG channel names
By using the unique (hopefully non-changing) Freeview website id as XML ID, it shouldn't break when channels change their names or channel numbers.

It should also automatically bring in new channels and update icons when they change as well.
It also has the channel number as the first digit(s) in the channel name.
This allows TvHeadend (4.1 on) to get the channel number automatically.

And here is my recommended EPG Grabber Settings.

If you want to use your own names, or icons, or channel numbers - then un-check the boxes.

The XML file is found here and the compressed file is found here.
Both are updated nightly (around 3.05am).

It is only compatible with my modified tv_grab_nz-py
(This is due to the original tv_grab not playing nice with HTTPS)

Note: In TvHeadend / MythTV - you only need to pull the file a maximum of once per day.


- Updated tv_grab_nz-py to work with Python 2 and 3

- Added raw XML file (for LibreELEC TvHeadend Server usage)
- Changed URL to files.matthuisman.nz/freeview.xml.gz (which redirects to bitbucket file)
- Updated tv_grab_nz-py to work with new URL and follow redirect correctly
- Update generation script to add channel number before channel name (allows for heuristic)