[Release] Freeview NZ XMLTV EPG Listings for TVHeadend and MythTV

Full 7 day EPG.

It should automatically bring in new channels and update icons when they change.
It has the channel number as the first word in the channel name.
This allows TvHeadend (4.1 on) to get the channel number automatically.

Here is my recommended EPG Grabber Settings.

If you want to use your own names, or icons, or channel numbers - then un-check the boxes.

Download Links

XML: http://iptv.matthuisman.nz/epg.xml
GZIP: http://iptv.matthuisman.nz/epg.xml.gz
tv_grab: http://files.matthuisman.nz/tv_grab_nz-py

XML files are updated nightly (before 2.00am).
You only need to pull the file a maximum of once per day (0 2 * * *)

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