Showmax KODI Add-on


This add-on has been removed from my repo due to a Take-down Notice.
Please see this MyBroadband thread for more details.

If you download this add-on from another source, please use THIS WEBSITE to check the MD5 checksum matches the below for the file you have downloaded. This ensures you are getting the original non-modified version of the add-on.

MD5: a6ed77432da56b5f31e9ac768ca15e7b


  • Watch all your favorite content from Showmax
  • Cached content for faster navigation
  • Supports Movie & Series Trailers (when available)
  • Supports Multi-Audio Streams (when available)
  • Supports Subtitles (when available)
  • English and Polish Translations



First follow THIS post to install my KODI Add-on Repository.

Now navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"
Select " Repository".
Select "Video add-ons" then "Showmax"

Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.
You can now access the add-on in the Add-ons main menu item.
You will need to login with your Showmax credentials before playing any content.
Now simply navigate the content and select an item to play it.
If a movie has a trailer available, you can view it via the normal Information dialog.
Content is cached (usually for 24 hours) for faster navigation. 
You can force a refresh of a folders content via the "Clear Cache" context menu item.
eg. If your waiting for the latest episode of a show to be available.
You can also disable the cache completely in the add-on settings.
All playback requires Widevine DRM support in KODI.
Quality is controlled via the Inputstream add-on.
You can access settings for it via the "Inputstream Settings" settings item.
The add-on will show as "Playstation 0" under your accounts devices list so you can easily identify it against your other devices.


The add-on will not store your password. It is sent securely via https directly to the Showmax servers. The server returns a token that can be used to login in the future. This token and your username is stored in the add-ons userdata folder. This is the same method that their Android app uses.