Sky Go Kodi Add-on


  • Play your favourite content from Sky Go (New Zealand)
  • Live Channels (See notes below)
  • On Demand Content (TV Shows, Movies, Sports, Box Sets)
  • Search Feature
  • Quality up-to 576p @ 25fps
  • Compatible with my IPTV Merge Add-on for Kodi Tv & EPG


  • At present, only the Sky Sport channels will work
  • Other live channels currently require Adobe DRM which will not play natively in Kodi
  • You can hide all unplayable content in the add-on settings



Following on from THIS post instructions...

Select "Video add-ons" then "SKY GO"
Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.
You can now access the add-on under Add-ons in the main menu.
You will first need to login with your Sky credentials.
You can then navigate and play the content


  • Hide Unplayable Content (Default: Off)
    Enable this if you want the add-on to hide any Adobe or Locked content.
    Locked content is content your Sky login does not have a subscription for.
    Adobe content is protected by Adobe DRM and can't be played back natively in Kodi.
    There is a strong possibility that Sky will remove the Adobe DRM protection in the near future.
    This content should be then playable in Kodi.
  • Save Password (Default: Off)
    Enable this if you want the add-on to save your password in plain-text.
    This allows the add-on to automatically re-login if your token becomes invalid.
    Token becoming invalid is usually caused by using the add-on on another device.
    After adjusting this setting, you must logout (if logged in) and re-login.

Kodi TV / EPG

This add-on supports my IPTV Merge Add-on to allow it to integrate it's live channels into the Kodi TV guide. 

All you need to do is
  1. IPTV Merge > Settings > Setup IPTV Simple Client (if not done already)
  2. IPTV Merge > Playlists > Add Playlist > Add-on > Sky Go
  3. IPTV Merge > EPGs > Add EPG > Add-on > Sky Go
  4. IPTV Merge > Run Merge
  5. Done.