[How To] Install PINN Lite

PINN Lite is a fork of NOOBS with extra OS's and features (eg. CEC Suppor) added!

You can view all the available OS's here:

If you want to set the sizes of your OS's, see my post HERE

How to Install

Step 1

This step is not required if your SD card is already FAT32 formatted.

Download SD Card Formatter and install it.
Put your SD card into your PC and run the program.

Select the SD card in the Drive drop-down.
Set Option -> Format Size Adjustment to ON.

Double check you have selected the correct drive for the SD card and then click Format.

Note: Your SD card must be FAT32 formatted for NOOBS to boot.

If your SD card is larger than 32GB, Windows will not give you the option to format to FAT32.
You will need to use another program eg. Macrorit Partition Manager.
Install it and format the SD card to FAT32 then move onto Step 2.

Step 2

Download the latest PINN Lite zip file.

Extract the contents into a folder.
Then copy the contents of that folder to the root of the formatted SD card.

Once copied, eject the SD card and put it in your Raspberry Pi.



- Switch to PINN official version (as my OS's are now merged in)

- Removed Lakka-unstable due to v2.0 stable being released

- Added batocera.linux system

- Changed to use the awesome PINN Lite instead of NOOBS Lite
   Big thanks to procount for making PINN

- Add "Lakka Unstable"

- Initial Release