[Release] NOOBS Companion KODI Add-on


  • Automatically scans and lists installed NOOBS systems
  • Boot into any system via the add-on (simply select it)
  • Add a favorites shortcut to boot into any system
  • Rename system display name & change icon
  • Choose which system is automatically booted on Pi boot
  • Install Boot-Back (see Boot-Back section below)

How to Install

Step 1

Follow THIS post to install my KODI Add-on Repository (if not already installed).

Step 2

Navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"
Select "MattHuisman.nz Repository".
Select "Program add-ons" then "NOOBS Companion"

Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.

You can now access the add-on in the Add-ons main menu item.

Click into the add-on and you can now boot into any of the NOOBS systems by simply selecting it.



Go into the NOOBS Companion add-on and navigate to the system you wish to boot first.
Open the KODI context menu on this item and select "Set to Autoboot"

That system will now automatically boot when you turn on your Pi.

This will simply create an autoboot.txt file on the root of the SD card pointing to the partition for the system you have chosen.

Be careful you don't set it to a system where you can't get back to KODI, else you won't be able to change it again.

If this does happen, insert the SD card into a PC and delete the autoboot.txt file.

Autoboot is currently broken in NOOBS / PINN (since version 2.1)
I have opened an issue here and hopefully it should be fixed in the next version.


For the below systems there is an extra context menu item for installing "Boot-Back".
This will modify the chosen system to allow for easier booting back into KODI.

The changes it makes are as below.


Modifies the /recalbox/scripts/kodilauncher.sh script to reboot back into KODI partition instead of it's own internal KODI version.


Adds /recalbox/share/system/custom.sh script that modifies the /recalbox/scripts/kodilauncher.sh script on each boot to make it reboot back into KODI partition instead of it's own KODI.


Modifies /storage/.config/autostart.sh to make it wait for Retroarch to exit, and then reboot back into KODI partition.


A bash script, icon and desktop shortcut are added to reboot back into KODI partition when double clicked.


Adds a KODI system to the main menu.
Selecting this then "KODI" will reboot back into KODI partition.


If for some reason the boot-back stops working (eg. after updating a system), you can simply go into the NOOBS Companion add-on and select "Install Boot-Back" which should fix it back to normal.


  1. Great Work! Congratulations!
    One small thing that won't work for me is to boot to noob(part 0)any idea?

    1. Ok. So found a few issues

      1) I was setting it to partition /dev/mmcblk0p0 instead of the correct /dev/mmcblk0p1

      2) If autoboot has been set, then you can't boot into NOOBS as when NOOBS boots - it will just do the autoboot.

      Issue #1 has been fixed

      Issue #2 I have solved with below solution

      If you try to boot NOOBS and the Autoboot is set to another system, it will ask you to set Autboot to NOOBS. If you select OK, it will change the Autoboot and then reboot into NOOBS.

      I have also made it add (Me) to the name of the partition that is currently booted (LibreELEC or OSMC).

      This makes it a be easier to identify for setting autoboot to KODI.

      Just re-download the addon and install.
      The version is now 0.3

  2. Just dropped by to say a sincere Thank you! I've been reading your Tutorials and been using your Dual Boot Systems almost from the Beginning. I still had the old Method with the Image installed and found this. I uninstalled your old Recalbox Boot Addon and updated to this one.

    Im just writing this for anyone out there who is also curious if it works. The only thing that doesnt work doing it this way is that the (Me) Part which should say Libreelec(Me) actually just says (Me) and can't be renamed, I'm guessing due to the different Method. Also I believe the Rebuild wouldn't work with the old Install.

    Thank you, really enyoying your work, you make it fun and easy :-)

    1. Hi Philipp,

      Thanks for your feedback - exactly what I like.

      I will try to update the add-on to work correctly with my old version. If your using my repo, you will automatically get the update. Then go into add-on and select "Rebuild Systems"

      I suspect it has something to do with the "mattrix-" name in the OS.

      Install Boot-Back should actually work.
      However, the old method was most of the time "update proof".
      But, boot-back won't hurt it either way :)

    2. Hi Matt,

      thanks for continious work, I have the Repo installed and will keep an Eye out and Report back :-)

      Don't worry too much, most things are working and as I said, I mostly came by to thank you.

  3. hey matt, i installed osmc with noobs dualboot with recalbox. after i installed your plugin i can easily boot into recalbox and this system works to. ive set osmc to autoboot, but when i fire up my raspberry pi3 the noobs screen waits for a few seconds. i hate that delay already... any workaround? is this intended or should i check the autoboot file on the micro sd?

    1. I have just added a note about this is in my post under the autoboot section. You may be able download NOOBS 2.1 from the link. Put SD card in PC (don't format). Just delete all the files on the SD card and then copy over the NOOBS 2.1 files. This way, it won't wipe your installed systems. I'm not sure if this will work - but try that before starting from scratch with 2.1

    2. tried this, noobs start as new and deleted partition, thank to the backup

    3. Yes.
      I have since found replacing the NOOBS files will wipe the installed systems :(
      PINN has a self update method which won't break installed systems.
      I suggest using my PINN version and then autoboot will be fixed hopefully in next update.

  4. I added your noobs source from zip file but when I try to install repository it has a loading circle forever. Is there a way to fix this?

    1. Try rebooting your device and trying again :)

  5. After install the add-on, Recalbox context menu "boot back" option works like a charm... Raspbian context menu doesn't even show this option... Is there anything I must do in order to have this enabled?

    Setup: NOOBS 2.1 + Raspbian Jessie Pixel + LibreElec + RecalBoxOS

    1. Ahhh. They have renamed "Raspbian" to "Raspbian with PIXEL" so my add-on won't detect it as compatible with boot-back.
      I have just pushed an update (0.0.5) to the add-on that should fix this. If you "check for updates" on my repo, it should update the addon.

    2. Tried update, but Kodi shows last version of the addon as "0.0.4". Also, I tried rename the entry inside NOOBS Companion as "Raspbian", but it had no effect. After, I tried uninstall/reinstall addon, but it didn't found version "0.0.5"

    3. Also... I forgot to thank you for making this "a must" addon. Congrats.
      Awaiting some instructions about the "with Pixel" issue...

    4. You need to go to Addon -> Repo -> Then context -> Check for updates
      This will update the cache and the new add-on will be fetched.

      Worst case, you can cheat and get the zip here:

    5. Updated to 0.0.6. Now working like a charm... Thanks for your effort.
      Now discovered Batocera and I'm tempted to swap Recalbox in order to test this distro. (lol)

    6. Great to hear Duke!
      You could even have both if your feeling adventurous :)


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