[Release] TVNZ OnDemand KODI Add-on


  1. Your located in New Zealand
Required for DRM Protected Content (most content)
  1. KODI 17.0 or above
  2. InputStream Adaptive Add-on (Will install when required)
  3. Libwidevine CDM (Will install when required)

Windows x86_64 (installer version only) - YES
- Tested working in Windows 10 64bit
- InputStream Adaptive must be selected when installing KODI
- Only the installer version from KODI website will work (not Windows store version)

Linux ARM7 / ARM8 (Raspberry Pi 2 / 3, Odroid C2 etc) YES
- Tested working on Raspberry Pi 3 (LibreELEC & OSMC)
- Tested working on Odroid C2 (Raybuntu 32bit LibreELEC)
- User reported working on MXQ Box (LibreELEC)

Linux x86_64  - YES
- Tested working in LibreELEC
- Tested working in Linux Mint / Ubuntu
  (Get inputstream.adaptive add-on HERE)

Darwin x86_64 - MAYBE
- Untested but should work

Android - PARTIAL
- Will only play non-drm content (eg. live channels)
- Android DRM support should be coming in KODI 18

You can try THIS experimental 18.0 APK for Android.
I have tested it working on Nvidia Shield and Android Phone (Mi5)
You will need to go to TVNZ add-on settings and select "Skip DRM Check".

How-to Install

First follow THIS post to install my KODI Add-on Repository.

Now navigate to "Main Menu -> Add-ons -> My Add-ons"
Select ".." then select "Install from repository"
Select "MattHuisman.nz Repository".
Select "Video add-ons" then "TVNZ OnDemand"

Select "Install" and the add-on will download and install.

You can now access the add-on in the Add-ons main menu item.

Click into the add-on and you can now navigate to your favorite TVNZ show.

Simply now click the episode to play!

The first time you play an item - the add-on will attemtp to download it's requirements.
Select Yes on any dialogs and wait for the files to download. Your video should then play.
If it still doesn't play - try restarting the device which usually fixes it.

You can even add a show to favourites for quick access from the main menu

The add-on is still in very early stages so please be patient with it.

Using the repo, you should get regular updates with new features :)

Also check out my ThreeNow Add-on HERE