[Release] NOOBS Lite Extra

NOOBS Lite Extra includes a few more systems for install that aren't included in the official list.

This is now using the awesome PINN Lite by Procount instead of NOOBS Lite.
This allows for more systems and more features (eg. CEC Support, HTTPS support etc)

Extra Systems

  1. RecalboxOS-unstable (latest unstable)
  2. Lakka-unstable (v2.0 RC4)
  3. RetroPie (v4.1)
  4. batocera.linux (latest stable)

How to Install

Step 1

This step is not required if your SD card is already formatted.

Download SD Card Formatter and install it.
Put your SD card into your PC and run the program.

Select the SD card in the Drive drop-down.
Set Option -> Format Size Adjustment to ON.

Double check you have selected the correct drive for the SD card and then click Format.

Note: Your SD card must be FAT32 formatted for NOOBS to boot.

If your SD card is larger than 32GB, Windows will not give you the option to format to FAT32.
You will need to use another program eg. Macrorit Partition Manager.
Install it and format the SD card to FAT32 then move onto Step 2.

Step 2

Download the Pinn Lite Extra zip file.

Extract the contents into a folder.
Then copy the contents of that folder to the root of the formatted SD card.

Once copied, eject the SD card and put it in your Raspberry Pi.


Optional Tweaks

If you would like to change the partition sizes of some of the systems, see HERE

More Info

This is identical to standard PINN Lite except for one file - recovery.cmdline
I have changed alt_image_source to point to my file instead of the PINN file.

My OS list file can be viewed here.


- Added batocera.linux system

- Changed to use the awesome PINN Lite instead of NOOBS Lite
   Big thanks to procount for making PINN

- Add "Lakka Unstable"

- Initial Release


  1. Hey Man! Your tutorial is very easy and uncomplicated... thanks!!!

  2. Please help me out!! Sorry for writing this in here but I need fast help.
    Hi im using the image: Mattrix-23-02-17-RPi3-Recalbox-OSMC.
    it worked fine, but unfortunately i was modifying the cmdline.txt.
    could you write what in there, because recalbox wont boot anymore!!

    thank you so much!
    I love your tutorials!! <3

    1. http://pastebin.com/raw/sgpzM3w6

    2. You may need a newline after the line of text if that doesn't work

    3. unfortunately it didnt work.
      Yesterday I installed hyperion and an ambilight, perhaps this has some effect too?
      OSMC boots fine but when I switch to Recalbox it shows:
      Kernel Panic: VFS : Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (179,2)
      Do you got any tips?
      Thank you!!!

    4. Oh, in that cmdline file you will need to change root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to root=/dev/mmcblk0p? where ? = the partition number of Recalbox root partition. On NOOBS this will be at least 6. Try root=/dev/mmcblk0p6 and root=/dev/mmcblk0p8

    5. It worked!!
      Thank you sooo much!!
      Kodi said that my default is 8, so I changed it to root=/dev/mmcblk0p9 and recalbox works again :))
      I really thank you so much for answering!!
      Keep your good stuff up!

  3. I am trying to install noobs in a 64 gb sd card and my raspi doesnt start. I have formatted teh card to FAT32 and extracted the files in the root of the sd card. What I am doing wrong?

    1. Not sure sorry.
      That should be all you need to do :)

  4. Matt Parabéns pelo seu tutorial, muito obrigado por compartilhar. sera que poderia fazer um dual boot libreelec + batocera não consigo encontrar em lugar algum

    1. Obrigado. Estou usando o google translate para que isso possa ser ruim. Eu pedi ao autor do batocera para me ajudar a fazer a imagem aqui: https://github.com/nadenislamarre/batocera.linux/issues/90
      Espero que possamos descobrir isso :)


    2. Acabei de acrescentar batocera.linux ao NOOBS Lite Extra :)

  5. Hello MATT, first i want to say thank's for you great work.
    I would to install a multiboot (6) on my pi3 with a 64GB sd card.

    I've rasbian, libreelec and recalbox with many folder and for this no problem to install with noobs but i would to add retropie, lakka, flint and android 7 and for their i've image disk .img or archive.img.tar.biz and when i put their on the os folder on noobs. Noobs don't show their.
    It's possible you explain me how i can convert their image for noobs.
    I search in many sites but i don't find a good explain.
    Thank's in advance.
    Best regards

    1. No sorry.
      I can't help with Android or Flint.
      Making a NOOBS os is a lot harder than simply putting a tar.gz

      Start by reading here:

      Then get on the RaspberryPi forums for further help.

      Or ask the maintainers of Flint and Android 7 for Pi for a NOOBS compatible image.


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